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Traditional and effective lead work

Durable and malleable, lead roofing has been used for centuries and is still a viable and attractive option for your modern home or building. Add unique appeal and efficient waterproofing to your roof using lead in valleys, curves, flashing and aprons.

Utilise the efficiency and soft aesthetic of lead work on your roof to add durability and weatherfproofing over your head. Our skilled team specialises in lead work to match the shape and architecture of your roof, providing a durable and lovely result.

Functional, durable roofing

We know there is an important balance between an attractive roof and a durable, functional roof - let our experts bring you both.


Quality lead work by our expert team, from traditional sand cast lead to modern milled lead, means you'll have a lasting, waterproof roof over your head for many years to come.

All work done to your needs

Whatever assistance you need with your roof, from lead flashing to chimney reconstruction, flat felt roofing or tile replacements, our team creates a bespoke construction plan to deliver the results you're looking for.


Speak to our talented team about your roofing needs and get a free, no-obligation quote.

Enhance the durability and appeal of your roof with quality lead work.

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