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Professional tradesmen for a durable flat roof

Need a professional team to complete flat roofing on your building? Our specialised roofers have over 20 years' experience and offer a range of popular flat roofing techniques such as built-up felt systems and single-ply PVC membranes.

Get an itemised quote and outline of all work on your flat roof before we begin - our experienced team specialise in modern roofing techniques. Enjoy reliable and attractive results from accredited contractors.

Modern flat roofing designs

Our team specialises in built-up felt roofing, a more reliable and modern approach to felt roofing that lasts through the years, flexes and expands with changing weather and looks great. We also provide single-ply PVC membranes, a modern and stylistic roof that adds interest and maintains durability.


Ask our roofers about these flat roofing techniques for your property.

Range of specialities

Whether you need a small roof repair, a complete roof on a new-build or more, our team has the talent and experience to create the roof you want.


We can complete speciality roofing such as tile, slate or lead work. We even repair chimneys.


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